Technical Visits

Unfortunately, the pre-organized technical visits are not possible in online format. You are welcome to take a look at the virtual excursions that we provided in the links below.

St. Petersburg is not only humanitarian, but also the scientific and technical center of Russia, and in technical terms there are a lot of interesting places.

Rail way museum of Russia

The collection of rolling stock samples in natural size of different temporary epochs are collected in chronological order presented on the sites of the museum. Visitors of the exhibition can get acquainted with locomotives, cars and special equipment on the railway course. Some samples of rolling stock remained in the single instance. Multimedia installations, interactive elements of the exhibition, layout-game "Sorting hill" will allow to immerse in the amazing world of Railways. It is here you can feel like a driver, rolling on a unique simulator "Cab of the driver of the locomotive".

Adress: St. Petersburg, Bibliotechniy alley, 4, case 2

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Hyundai motor manufacturing Rus

As part of the visit to the Russian factory Hyundai Motor you will have the opportunity to see the process of manufacturing cars — visit the shop of stamping, welding shop and Assembly shop.

Hyunday Motor manufacturing Rus is the first Russian factory Hyundai Motor company, one of the most modern factories in the country. The company produces cars Hyundai Solaris, Hyundai Creta, KIA Rio and KIA Rio X-Line.

As part of the visit to the factory you will have a unique opportunity to see how" new car is born as it passes its way from the roll steel in the stamping department to final quality tests in the assembly department.

Address: Levashovskoe highway, 20, building 1

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Automobile road, running over the complex of flood protective stuctures of St. Petersburg

The complex of protective facilities is designed to protect the water area and the Delta of the Neva from floods, where the water rise to 4.2 meters above the resident. The total length of protective facilities 25.4 km. The Complex is designed for protection from floods up to 4.55 meters high, top mark of the wave wall over the average perennial level of water — 7.5 m. The Complex of protective structures includes 11 protective dams , 6 culvert constructions, two ship-passing structures and six-lane motorway, passing through the ridge of protective damb, with bridges, tunnel and transport interchanges.

Numbering of structures goes from Bronka to mountain (from southwest to northeast). The total length of damb — 23.4 m. Above each protective structures was build a car bridge. Lowering of the shutters in water-pass structures occurs using hydraulic, the control is completely automatically. Pressure in hydraulic hoses reaches 16 atmospheres.

Also one of the most important structures is the motor transport tunnel. The length of it is 1961 m, including two open ramp area length 386 m. Two transport corridors, with length 15.25 m and 5.5 m high of each of them. Mark of ship-passing system is 24,3 m in the deepest point of the tunnel (under the water channel).

Tikhvin Railcar Building Plant

This factory is one of the most large-scale objects of transport engineering in Europe on the volume of investments, production areas and level of technical equipment. The official opening of this company was in january of 2012.

In the trucks of the Tikhvin Railcar Building Plant the largest coal companies transport their cargo: Kuzbassrazrezugol and Siberian coal energy company, energy holding En+, leaders in the production of mineral fertilizers Uralkaliy, Uralkhim and Acron, the largest carrier of grain trucks Rusagrotrans, as well as other cargo companies and transport companies.

In 2017, the Tikhvinsk railway plant built 17 thousand of railcars.

«TRBP» is part of the Scientific and production Corporation "United Car Company" – railway holding in the field of production, transport services and operational leasing, engineering and service of the new generation freight cars.

Address: Tikhvin, Promplochadka block, 6 G.

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Tikhvin testing center of railway technic

"Tikhvinsk testing center of railway technic" is a modern company, that develops dynamic it's providing services for carrying out a full complex of stationary and running tests of car products (railcars, carts, side frames, over spring beams, axis, wheel pairs, etc.) including the preliminary assessment of strength and operational characteristics of the developed design, certification, as well as periodic confirmation of quality.

The company was founded in 2013 in Tikhvin, where the stationary test field is located on the territory of the Industrial site.

In 2014, Separate units of the company in Tver and St. Petersburg were opened.

The center has the modern testing equipment that meets domestic and world requirements. The center staff is a team of professionals with many years of experience.


Address: Tikhvin, Promploschadka site, 6, building 1

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Depot for high-speed train «Sapsan»

The depot was founded by the decision of the IPU on October 7, 1997, and started functioning on may 28, 2000. According to the original idea, it was intended for maintenance and repair of conventional and high-speed ("Sokol") electric trains. But after the depot was put into operation, there were only ER-200 high-speed electric trains in addition to the usual electric trains. Until February 2009, when these trains were discontinued, they were maintained and repaired. In may 2006, after an agreement was signed to supply Siemens Velaro (" Sapsan ") electric trains, the St. Petersburg-Moskovskoe depot became the main service point for this type of trains. The shop and premises built for Sokol electric trains were reconstructed for Sapsan. In addition, Desiro RUS ("Lastochka")train is also serviced and repaired at the depot.


Address: Saint Petersburg, Metallostroy village, section of the railway "Slavyanka-power line", 16 km.

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Peterghof palace

Peterhof is one of the most unique cultural heritage of Russia and St. Petersburg.

Great Peterhof Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe. It is one of the largest monuments of the XVIII century and it is protected by UNESCO.

The Palace is on the terrace where in times of Peter I already have equipped a Playground with amazing views of the Bolshoy cascade and the Morskoy canal . The Lower Park is the most famous part of the Palace and Park complex. This wonderful ensemble with it's architectural monuments, fountains and sculptures brought the Museum the world glory. Peterhof is called the capital of fountains. There is no equal in Russia, and in Europe it can be compared only with Versailles.



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