Symposium program IAVSD 2021

 Considering the actual situation of the pandemic and all the uncertainties involved with respect to travel restrictions, health issues, unpredictable number of participants in August (with resulting organisational problems) IAVSD board has taken a decision of holding the symposium online.


The online symposium is planned for the period of August 17-19, including 5 State-of-Art presentations, 120 presentations equally spread between road and rail sessions, workshops with presentation of 35 short-communication presentations, a regular workshop, opening/closing sessions. For being able to follow our symposium online and live in most of the countries, we will only have very few hours available per day for sessions (early in USA, late in China/Japan/Australia, and comfortable in Europe and Russia).


Please, download the files with detailed scientific program of the symposium






Symposium format and software

The format of the online symposium will be as close to live meeting as possible:

  • For each session (plenary, parallel or poster workshop) there will be a separate virtual room that will keep open for the whole duration of the conference. The participants will be able to enter the virtual room any time before the session (to see the information, prepare for presentations), or after the session (to see the information, stay for discussion). During the parallel sessions participants will be able to exit and enter different virtual rooms;
  • The speakers will need to send pdf files of the short paper summary (not more than 200 words) and presentation that will be stored in ‘Documents’ section of the virtual room. The presentation is preferable in pdf format so as not to have problems with specific fonts or formatting issues. If the speaker does not want to share the presentation or wants to show specific files, it will be possible to share one’s desktop. However, for smooth running of the conference without bad internet connection risks, we recommend to upload all presentation and video files into the virtual rooms.
  • Each session will be managed by Session Chair and moderator. They can switch on and off the microphones for participants, start the time countdown for presentations, moderate written questions.
  • During the session while the speaker is making a presentation, the participants will be able to submit questions in writing or raise hand. The Session Chair will choose the questions for the speaker to answer.
  • All presentations will be recorded and video files available for conference participants in ‘Documents’ section of each virtual room for the duration of the conference.
  • Poster workshops will be similar to oral sessions. The speakers will give a short communication presentation (3-4 slides) and will receive spoken or written questions.
  • If you want to have personal meetings, it is possible to schedule one in a separate virtual mini-room with access of only the invited persons.

We are going to use professional conference software. Registered participants will receive personal login and password as well as instructions for using the software.


Symposium schedule

The symposium will run during 3 days 5 hours per day. You may see Moscow time, China time and New York time in the table.


Moscow time

China time

New York time

August 17, 2021

August 18, 2021

August 19, 2021





Opening ceremony and announcements

Poster workshop rail 1 (5 posters)

Poster workshop rail 2 (5 posters)

Poster workshop road 1 (5 posters)

Poster workshop road 2 (5 posters)

Poster workshop rail 3 (5 posters)

Workshop on railway turnout benchmarking

Poster workshop road 3 (5 posters)

Poster workshop road 4 (5 posters)





Plenary session:

State-of-art paper 1

Plenary session:

State-of-art paper 3

Plenary session:

State-of-art paper 5





Plenary session:

State-of-art paper 2

Plenary session:

State-of-art paper 4

Rail 5 session (10 papers)

Rail 6 session (10 papers)

Road 5 session (10 papers)

Road 6 session (10 papers)


14:40 -




Rail 1 session (10 papers)

Rail 2 session (10 papers)

Road 1 session (10 papers)

Road 2 session (10 papers)

Rail 3 session (10 papers)

Rail 4 session (10 papers)

Road 3 session (10 papers)

Road 4 session (10 papers)


Closing ceremony and announcement of next IAVSD venue



Symposium scientific program

Each of the submitted extended abstracts have been reviewed by three members of International Scientific Committee. Excellent research papers have set a high standard for presentations at the symposium. The final acceptance into the program will depend on whether the author will attend the online event in order to make a presentation. Unfortunately, the number of abstracts received far exceeded the capacity of the symposium and therefore we have had to disappoint some authors. You are of course most welcome to join the symposium as attendee.